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Welcome to our Benefits web page. We wish to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some of the subjects we specialize in.  On this page you can obtain a quote for Individual Health Insurance or Term Life Insurance. There are also quote request forms for Group Health and other products such as Disability, Long Term Care and Permanent Life Insurance .We are also pleased to offer calculators for life situations that you will find very useful as well as articles pertaining to our Industry.

ACA (Marketplace) Open Enrollment for 2015 is officially closed as of 2-15-2015.

Unless you have experienced a “life” event, the only available individual health coverage would be a short term plan. Short Term Individual Health Plans are available now without a Qualifying event! If you missed the deadline for an ACA Plan and need Medical insurance, you can still sign up for a short term plan that offers all the benefits of a long term plan. Rates are low and benefits are excellent. Contact our office for details. Plan enrollment is an easy online process!

Please contact us directly at 1-888-459-7816 with any questions.